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TOS Crew Review: The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner-Travel the World-June 2010 Module eBook

Traveling is something our family is quite familiar with-but a whirl wind tour of the world? Now that is something totally different. After all, jet setting across the great expanse of the globe, is not only financially impractical, it is well-almost too overwhelming to even consider (at this point in our lives, that is). But the all important skill of finding geographical areas of interest, still abound-one should know where in the world places are-or at the very least, how to find them on a map.  That has always been one of my "must have by graduation" requirements for my brood.  And because geography is one of my favorite subjects, I don't mind delving into the rich opportunities to discover it.  When the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner, June Module 2010 eBook arrived on my computer doorstep [don't let that double date fool ya, each year from July to June the monthly additional modules are available under the current school year-a 12 pack in all-and this happens to be the last of the bunch for the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner], I was quite eager to see what was encapsulated in this fine gem of a product. 

I soon found a great deal of mini-lessons that I could use to jazz up our studies.  It contains information regarding the basics-like "What is Geography?" to the 7 continents and general tidbits about them, to worksheets and word searches to cement the concepts.  It is also sprinkled with coloring pages for the younger child in my home, to copywork [and I love that Charlotte Mason concept] to ideas to expand the study for the  upper level student of mine. I was finding this to be a neat module for us! There are plenty of hyper-links noted, directing us to  sites which will further our research on the topics, as well.  Best of all-there are some lapbook components just itching to be printed and assembled.  Now, if you know anything about me-you know I love to use lapbooking as a way to truly "mind-meld" the material into the kids' heads.  This was a super treat for me-and even though it is not a complete lapbook, it provides enough mini-booklets to start, with links to find the rest of the goodies to complete the study.  I didn't get a chance to try out the recipes in the module yet, but they sure sound delicious, and so we will try to incorporate them into our schooling this fall.  I was quite pleased to see that it starts out with, and continues to denote several Scripture quotes [including some of the copywork sheets] throughout the study, which truly puts this into perspective.  Meaning it hits perfectly upon one of our main goals for our family's education-as we always like to tie in what the Lord has to say about this amazing world He created.

Obviously, this is not meant to be a complete, full head-on study of the subject, but it did provide us with some great starting points.  I can easily incorporate these into our major study of geography, without taking us so far off the beaten path, to the point of losing our main focus on each area.  I look at it as though it is a side-order to the big meal, which makes it that much more enjoyable.  Would I have purchased it outright, if I had not been asked to review it? Yes, if I was new to homeschooling, or if my students have had very little or no prior lessons covering this subject.  If I was not so geography-orientated in nature, or if I needed a basic product to get the study started, I most definitely would have bought it.  Now, since I have walked 2 students through to graduation, am closing in on another [in the next 2 years], and have but one younger student remaining-my shelves are loaded with materials. So most likely, due to where I am in this homeschool adventure, I would not have actively sought it out. But I cannot stress this enough-that is not because I didn't like the material and ideas that the June 2010 Module provides-it is due to the fact I am only purchasing what few things I am missing [and that is not a whole lot-thankfully!], to finish this endeavor.

I strongly recommend that you visit the site to investigate this yourself, to see if it best meets your needs. And don't forget to look over the other 11 Modules in the series-maybe geography isn't your thing, but one of the other subjects very well may be.


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2009 Schoolhouse Planner eBook: Travel the World
$7.95 eBook download, 56 pages.
Ages:  K (some material, better for early elementary and up)-high school
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***The Old Schoolhouse Magazine provided me with a free download of the the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner: June 2010: Travel the World eBook, so that I could use this study with my family.  I did not receive financial compensation in exchange for my honest opinion of this product.

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