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TOS Crew Review: Considering God's Creation by Eagle's Wings

Considering God’s Creation Set

Are you a Lapbooking family?   Do you  teach using notebooking and worksheet pages that enhance the lesson? What about your students?  Do they enjoy hands-on activities, singing (now this is subjective-some kids will and others won't but hey-you don't have to use this option if you don't want to), and exploring additional avenues to find out more on any said subject?  Do you want material that will compare worldly thoughts to Christianity [while remaining in the Christian context, school of thought] in regard to all the amazing goodies contained within our universe, on earth, in creatures and ourselves?   Do you want a science program that is easy to use, and enjoyable for all parties involved -hile being flexible to your schedule? Then this review is for you.  

Not surprisingly, Eagle's Wings has a lovely variety of products, which are Christian/Biblical based and meet the requirements noted above.  I have actually used their Remembering God's Awesome Acts and Remembering God's Chosen Children history/Bible courses with my daughter (and will with my son in the future).  I have to say I LOVE them.  I learned right along with my child and I am quite pleased that the lessons met many of my teaching methods (lapbooking/notebooking/hands-on activities/non-textbook approach) to a "T".  Even though this review is not about those two products, I do encourage you to take a look at them-as I highly recommend the courses. That said, when I found out I was on the list to review the Considering God's Creation-I was so elated!  

Topics Covered:

[Lesson plan example]

I  now have [within my grasp] a curriculum meant to cover a wide variety of subjects which can be taught over a few years.  I can use this as my main backbone (which I will) or as a supplemental component.  The lesson plans themselves are easy to navigate , all the while remaining flexible enough to allow me to pick and choose what fits our situation. Considering God's Creation highlights the main "you should know about this" for elementary to early junior high aged children, making it quite versatile~especially for families with a lot of kids in that age range. I have required my teen to do a few of our lessons, which she enjoyed. Even though it is not meant to be a high school level program, I felt she would benefit from listening to the Bible tie-ins and working on the material too.  I don't think you are ever too old to color, cut and create a fun page with mini-booklets and notes.  She admitted that she learned a few things that her Biology course had failed to mention.  So keep that in mind, because you really can add selections to compliment your older student's basic lessons as well.

This was such a fun page to work on.  The addition of the salt to represent the pollen was quite clever! Since we are always working on nature study-this particular lesson just begged for us to do it.   I love how it is a 3-D display of the flower-very eye catching and appealing.
They also have an AWESOME sheet where the kids can circle different parts of a plant or tree they are looking at and draw their finding-which is a great Charlotte Mason way to cover nature study.  I will be using these forms over and over again. It makes it so much easier and lessens the stress of having to draw it all themselves.

Where were we? Oh yes...we had just finished up my son's science book, and I was really trying to figure out what to do next.  I was feeling a bit burned out on the current model, and so was he.  We needed something new and refreshing and more our style.  Considering God's Creation is the perfect fit, especially since it grafts onto the Charlotte Mason method quite nicely.  I have decided to play a bit of hopscotch with it-grabbing components from a few lessons here and there, to mesh into my own concoction of a unit right now.  We have been working on birds this whole year.  We have studied John J. Audubon as our artist (and you know he loved his birds) and focused a lot of our nature study around them.  So I pulled out the sections that directly discussed the charming critters, so that we can tie all of this together to finish our bird study.  

These beauties will go into their Bird Study Notebook
 that they have been compiling.
CGC had 3 lessons on birds, but there were also 
mini-sections found throughout the text, 
regarding them so I just zeroed in on those to make my 
own unit study which is perfect for our 
interests and needs right now.

I found most of the  lessons to be amble enough for my son's ability and age-others will need to wait until he is a bit older because I really want to go into more depth with those.  Obviously, we have not done all of them (good grief! I am not that crazy to try to cram a few year's worth into a couple months) but I have pretty much read through the book to see which topics I want to cover this coming semester/year. There are a couple areas that I want to stretch out over several weeks-so I am planning on adding [from my vast collection of materials] some extra reading selections and activities (but that is the beauty of this program) to round them out.  As for the lessons we did accomplish-they were short enough to not bog him down with too many details, and offered enough hands on mini-booklets and notebooking to keep him occupied while he remained engaged and interested. 

This is not your usual science program (you know the type), as it is not crammed with stuff that makes the student's head swim and practically drowns them in useless data.  Rather, this is a gentler, Christ-centered program which allows you to head out to sea for a long exploration, or stick close to shore to do a mini-unit of study and call it a day.  The pack comes with the Teacher's Manual (and a CD with all the songs/poems on it-which is a fun way to memorize and cover the details) along with one student workbook-all of which is unabashedly Christian in nature.  I suggest you read the FAQ section to help you get a better understanding of this particular curricula, before you decide whether it is right for your family.  I have to say that for us-Considering God's Creation is one the most favorite products we reviewed this year.  So yep-I certainly do recommend this science program from Eagle's Wings Educational Ministries.  


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$29.95 for set (TM, ST WKBK, CD)
You can make copies of the pages for your students-and I suggest making a ton of the plant/tree fact finding sheets...but you really should purchase a workbook for each student. The printer ink cost will be more than just buying a wkbk all ready to go
$13.99 for each additional student workbook

Grades 2-7th

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***Eagle's Wings Educational Material provided me with a free Considering God's Creation pack (TG/St Text/CD), so that I could write this review.  I did not receive any financial compensation for my honest opinion of this product.

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Shannon said...

I like your review... I hadn't thought of using it as a CM type resource, but now that you mention it, you are right.. it does allow you to smooth the way to a CM style nature study. Cool that you picked up on that! :o)

We'll miss you next year, dear Sheriff... be blessed!