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Friday, January 15, 2010

TOS Crew Review: MathTutor Young Minds-Numbers and Counting DVD

Here is another company that I reviewed for last year, and you can read my post concerning the MathTutor Basic Math and Algebra II DVD series, to get a better idea of what they have to offer. But unlike the previous products, this is actually is for the younger set-babies, toddlers and young Pre-Ks. This one is more "Hollywood" if you will, done in an extremely professional manner that is comparable to the Baby Einstein video series.

The Young Minds-Numbers and Counting DVD uses the classical music, has a child narrator who goes over the same number for a period of time eventually covering 1-10, with images that are familiar to the child because they see these (or most of them anyway) daily. The material is presented in beautiful still life photography which pans in and out while the numbers are added, with a splash of live action video sprinkled in. The child will also hear the sounds the animal or objects make, the colors noted (depending on the section), and the description of what it is they are looking at. All of this, combined with the background of  classical music,  provides a wonderful video for a young or learning disabled child (perhaps even an adult who needs to relearn the basics-such as a stroke victim) to view and enjoy-not to mention learn from!

The Young Minds-Numbers and Counting DVD consists of music from well-known composers such as: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Mozart and Brahms. The child narrator speaks in a well-spoken manner with clear enunciation. Which is a must, as you do not want the listener to pick up poor language skills from hearing baby talk. There is also Bonus Material which provides puzzle-shaped images on the screen, black and white images where the speaker "Connects the Dots" while the numbers/lines are added to end up with a full color image at the end. The Guess the Animals section is fun and offers a bit more deductive reasoning skills for the child, while they see partial images and then decide what it is they are seeing. The movie itself may be too long to watch in one sitting for the babies or antsy toddlers though, which is an easy fix- just stop and restart later by using the Chapter Selection option.

Since I do not have any little ones in my home anymore, I passed this off to my friend Carla, who has an young toddler, and a 3 year old. Her opinion on the Young Minds-Numbering and Counting DVD is noted below:

The pictures are extremely colorful and very interesting!  I was very impressed with the quality of the program. My usually very active 3.5 year old plopped himself down on the couch and watch it mesmerized. As soon as it was over, he said, "Play it again!" That says something! He now calls it his favorite movie. All in all, it's a fantastic video for young ones!

I personally, am very impressed with this DVD. The high-quality and engaging material is well worth the price tag. This is something that a child would want to watch over and over again. I am sure you will agree.

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***MathTutorDVD  provided me with a free copy of the Young Minds-Numbers and Counting DVD to use and test with my family. I have discussed my opinion regarding this product, and have not received  financial compensation for writing this review.