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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011 The Ultimate blog party has begun! If you haven't joined yet-do so!  You will meet many new bloggers, and you can enter to win some awesome prizes!

If you are linking here from my main blog-Homeschooling on a Wing and a Prayer-then I thought I would briefly describe the purpose of this blog.

I have been honored to be a part of a unique viral marketing program called, The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) Review Crew.  I have served faithfully for 3 years now, and have received oodles of wonderful homeschool (and some just for fun) products.  The project required my using and then blogging about (reviewing) those items so that you, the reader, could learn how real life folks use (or don't) and enjoy (or don't) a wide variety of products that you yourself may have been pondering.  I have a huge amount of reviews that are there for the reading, along with the link (noted above) to our Crew homepage, so that you can read many, many more reviews (and even some I didn't receive) to help you make an informed purchase for your family.

I will be disembarking from the crew once this cruise is over-but that doesn't mean I will stop penning my take on curricula (just will be on what I already own and perhaps I will see if some vendors would allow for me to review independently) or that I will take down this blog-no ma'am!  The 1 of 100 (Plus 25) TOS Crew Review blog is here to stay!

Enjoy reading up on some great products and look for some new ones down the road!