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Sunday, November 29, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Professor in a Box Financial Accounting Course

Where was this program two years ago?  Seriously, we needed this puppy for my son in high school.  He decided in his senior year, to pursue a college degree in Accounting, so this would have been a perfect springboard course for him to take.  Taught by an actual college professor, who also happens to be a homeschooling dad-Michael Licata designed the Professor in a Box Financial Accounting program to be an introductory course that does not require a textbook (let me tell you that alone will save you a good hundred bucks or so-I almost cringe at what my son has to pay for his), but instead uses a lecture format to provide the student with all they need to successfully finish this high school-level accounting class.

I have to say, due to my aversion to most math subjects, when I opened the box-it was the calculator and pencil that most intrigued me.  It was a nice little extra surprise and honestly, a very handy-dandy one too-there would be no excuses for not having the necessary supplies to finish the assignments!  Now, the hard part was deciding what to do with this course. My 15 year old daughter is up to her eyeballs in class work and isn't ready for this material yet, my son has had just about all the accounting courses he needs to wrap up his degree, so he wasn't in the possibility range-and my 8 year old is out of the question.  Funny thing, the Lord works in a curious and timely fashion, and it soon became apparent that it was meant for me.  Oh did my math-aversion self want to run for the hills when I figured that out.  But no-my determined side pushed me to pursue it and I am ever so grateful that I have.  I am now going to be taking on our homeschool group's finances, and this program is giving me all the information necessary to be more professional.  I do have experience balancing books, as I had managed [a few years back] my daughter's Girl Scout troop's finances for several years, but this is a much bigger entity-so I can use all the "insider information" I can get.

The first CD I watched was the Instructor's.  It provides pertinent information the teacher will require for successfully overseeing this class-and I said "overseeing", because Mr. Licata covers all the  lectures, so you would only need to supervise the testing and grading.  You can also download the syllabus (and that is ever so helpful for planning out the student's work week), quizzes and exams, and the necessary Excel templates. Best yet-you can choose between a predetermined short time frame, or a typical college semester layout for completing the course (I am going the long route), so that you can decide how it will best fit your family's schedule.

The lessons themselves are split into 2 lectures.  So you could easily schedule [if not following his plan] them a couple days apart or back to back, then have the student complete the homework in between.  This is one of the most organized and well laid out courses I have come across. I also appreciate that Mr. Licata is not one of those professors that will start a lesson about the subject at hand, then drift off to unrelated and unnecessary chatter.  He stays on task, is precise and gets the material covered within a decent time frame.  The homework assignments are thorough, and directly relate to the lecture's material (and if you have ever had one of those professors who went on and on,  then gave you the homework/test on completely different material-you understand what I am talking about) so it is easy for the student to remain positive and focused.  The only drawback I found, was that at times, Mr. Licata's voice seemed gravely, but other than that it is an exceptional program.

To simplify matters, I have listed what the site notes concerning the basics for the course:

None. Any high school level student with basic math skills (algebra) can handle this course.
Course Materials
The course has 12 Chapters each divided into 2 or 3 parts.
Basic materials for each chapter:
  • Flash lectures – 2 or 3 parts, each part 15 to 40 slides
  • Lecture slides to print (the lecture slides from (1) above in a printer friendly format).
  • Key Terms and Concepts (1 – 3 pages)
  • Chapter Problems (4 – 15 problems per chapter).
  • Note: some of the Chapter Problems are worked in the Flash lectures as demonstration problems while some are assigned as homework problems to be completed by the student.
  • Solutions to Chapter Problems noted in (4) above.
For a better idea of what it entails, go to the free Sample Chapter and take it for a test drive.  For more in depth information regarding the program, visit the FAQ page.  I feel that the Professor in a Box: Financial Accounting course would be perfect for those families who have children that want to pursue a business (whether working for someone or owning it themselves), or any type of managerial/accounting career. 
It certainly will give the student plenty of Pre-college course level work practice, while they learn invaluable financial skills. This is definitely a keeper for us! I can and will recommend this without hesitation.

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Professor in a Box Homepage

$134.99 (included free USPS Priority mailing)-this is a current sale price There is a full Money Back Guarantee-work through the first 3 chapters and if not completely satisfied, send it back to receive a full refund.

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***Professor in a Box provided me with a free Financial Accounting Program to test and use with my family, so that I could write this review.