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Thursday, May 6, 2010

TOS Crew Review: Laveshmint Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Hydrating Toner by BeeYouTiful

Now here is a real treat.  After tackling several different products for TOS this year, mostly those of the curriculum nature-it was refreshing (or should I say Laveshing?) to receive a couple products to awaken the scenses and rejuvie this weary traveler.  BeeYoutiful is not just your average company of health and beauty aids-it is a company that strives to provide products that help You to Bee the best you can be naturally. That ole saying, "An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure" seems to be their motto-and a good one at that-especially with the impending health care overhaul looming overhead.  

Given a wide choice of products, my daughters and I decided upon the following 2 skin care goodies to try out.  Overall, our experience was a great one, and I am longingly looking through their catalog and considering future purchases. I see they have something called Berry Well [which in hindsight, I should have requested since my husband has been battling several intestinal assaults due to flying across the country a lot as of late, and being exposed to poor food handling practices in restaurants] and the Tummy Tuneup  [which helps restore good gut balance of yeasts and also helps to maintain it/prevent irritation] which sounds rather nice, since a few of us recently underwent the dreaded antibiotic treatments for sinus infections.  I do know a few of my TOS mates did try these out, so be sure to pop over to our TOS Review Crew homepage to find out what they had to say about them (I certainly will be too).   

Now, without further ado-here is what we thought of these products:

$12        (4 oz  container)

Usually, I need to avoid this type of product because I have very sensitive skin.  Most things will irritate or actually cause rashes or break I tend to be very leery of testing out such things.  I was pleasantly surprised by this Laveshmint Lotion though.  It was a bit too much for daily use, but I found that I could tolerate and enjoy the benefits of it by simply using a couple times per week.  The peppermint, lavender and aloe vera left my skin so smooth and refreshed, and very soft.  My main reason for requesting this lotion was for my 15 year old daughter.  Her face tends to have it's typical teenage issues, and lo and behold it has really helped to reduce flare ups. She has used not only on her face, but her arms (which tend to be dry and splotchy) too, which have become much smoother and softer.  So all in all-we both found the Laveshmint Daily Moisturizing Lotion to be a nice addition to our  facial/body care routine.  If you like those scents and your skin can tolerate the oils in it-you should really enjoy this lotion.  Better yet, when you team it up with the Toner-you glean the "total package" of softness!

$14   (4 oz spray bottle)

I fell in love with this toner almost immediately.  Not only does it contain the lavender, peppermint and aloe vera like the moisturizer, but it is designed to balance the PH level of your skin too.  I spritz it on every morning after my shower and it leaves my face feeling very soft (yes, I am repeating that word a lot but that is exactly how it feels) and refreshed.  It helps my face not feel "tight" like it usually will after cleaning it, and the smell alone helps to start my day right.  I see they also listed it for helping relieve tension-and since that seems to dance around our home a lot (due to the usual life situations-not necessarily bad tension-but perhaps more of a busy tension?) I think I should be squirting this stuff on pretty much all day long! This definitely gets an A+ from me (my daughter has only been able to sneak a few spritz in here and there-as I have claimed this entirely for myself) and again-I certainly feel comfy recommending it to those who enjoy the scents, and appreciate soft, toned skin.

So, now we are all "lavished up" and ready to face (yes I mean that pun) the world. My only complaint would be that they don't sell these in drum barrel sizes~surely some us would appreciate the option to purchase in bulk considering all the stressful situations out there, as of late.   Oh well, maybe another spritz of the toner will help ebb the worries of the day for now....

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BeeYouTiful Homepage
Moisturizing Lotion: $12   Hydrating Toner:  $14

Be sure to find out what my TOS mates had to say about this and many other fine homeschooling products, over on our TOS Review Crew Homepage.

***Beeyoutiful provided me with a free container each of Laveshmint Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Laveshmint Hydrating Toner, to test out on our skin.  I did not receive financial compensation for my honest opinion of these products, or for penning this review.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Growing Healthy Homes-Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

When it comes to nutrition, or deciding the best way of providing healthy meals and snacks-many folks are just plain confused. I mean, when I think back to the nutrition training we received in school-well, it consisted of putting a meat, bread, fruit and vegetable together on one plate. I think we may have discussed the Food Pyramid-yes, I think we did-because I remember thinking that butter, ice cream and chocolate deserved their own level-near the bottom, so we could have a large allotted serving per day. Outside of that, perhaps a few stern warnings about eating too many sweets (rots your teeth), or not over-indulging in the bread (makes ya heavier than a Sumo wrestler) choices-and you were set for a fairly healthy life. Well, that was back in the 80s man-so you have to know; like hair styles and clothing-things have changed! Or have they?

Just turn on the Food TV shows, and for the most part-you will find so many of them using ingredients that are just plain artery clogging, heart-attack inducing and downright fattening! Take a tour with Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives [no offense to Guy, but I wonder what his cholesterol and Triglyceride levels are?] and you will see a slew of food joints serving things that should be banned as toxic waste-and yet, folks pile in, and chow down like pack of wild dogs to a slab of juicy steak!

Let it be said, my husband's German, and my French/Finnish ancestry has not promoted the healthiest of family favorites, nor none-to-lean recipes. I mean those folks love to eat, and the food choices have been a part of our heritage for many, many years! But, through a long and tedious process, our family has had to make changes and rethink the way we eat. Over the past few years (due to food allergies, high blood lipids, and doing some research) we have conscientiously changed or dropped a lot of foods from our diets. So for the most part, making wiser choices is nothing new to our children. Granted, we still manage to "cheat" and eat that not so good stuff here and there, so there is definitely room for improvement. Also, not all of the "How and Whys" concerning all things nutritional, have been passed along to my children. I have to say, in all honesty-I have dropped the cheese ball when it comes to this subject. Thankfully, we were given the Growing Healthy Homes-Nutrition 101: Choose Life! book to review!

This is an all encompassing, Bible-based program, suitable for the entire family. I would have to say-it is better for the Jr/Sr High level. I found that as you progress through it-the material can be a bit over the heads of most younger children...but that should not stop you from using it. There are plenty of activity suggestions for the elementary level students, and that is when you really want to start their training in making wise food choices. The colorful eBook is very well laid out, has excellent high-quality graphics, and it packed with plenty enough information-yet avoids being too overly technical. There are six total Units within the book, with four chapters per section. It covers the Brain and Nervous System, the Digestive System, the Respiratory, Olfactory, Auditory and Visual Systems, the Muscular and Skeletal systems, the Cardiovascular and Immune System, the Endocrine System and Emotions [tell me...who doesn't need more info on the emotions? Especially those families with pre-teens and teenagers!]. There are several extremely informative Appendices and of course, an Activity Guide as well. This is a monster of an eBook, it certainly is not a light-weight. It contains about 448 pages packed with nutritional know how, that any family can benefit from. And, to make it even more enticing-they have several delicious recipes for you to try. For those of us with food allergies, with some simple tweaking, one can still create great tasting and appealing meals-and that is half the battle to eating better.

We have decided to incorporate this study into our daughter's high school program this year. We are taking our time, working through it at a steady pace. She has been really enjoying it so far; and I have been learning all sorts of new things too! This program is actually one of my favorite products so far! We're all excited about this Nutrition 101: Choose Life! A Family Nutrition and Health Program.

Now I have to say-this baby gets a big PRINTER ALERT! But if you are smart about it, you can just print a Unit off by itself to get you through a few weeks, or take it to a local printing shop and have it done there. I plan on spiral binding mine (when I have the time and $$) but for now, I am printing the Units [in black and white, except for a couple pages that should really be in color] as needed, and any additional sheets from the Appendices, as well. You also have the option of purchasing the printed book, or the Book/CD (ebook) combo.

for Jr/Sr High students and

for Elementary students

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Growing Healthy Homes

Book: $79.95
E-Book: $59.95
If you want to offer this as a class for a co-op/group, be sure to contact them for pricing at:
Co-Op information

I wanted to point out this helpful note from the author:

If the book and CD have the same information, what is the value of having both?
The book provides all of the information from the CD professionally printed and bound in full color. The CD allows you to reprint individual copies of the recipes, shopping lists,charts and any other relevant pages. Many families print single pages and create a folder for each child. Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is a tremendous resource and having it in both formats allows flexibility and saves you time and money.

Be sure to read what my TOS Mates have to say about this and many other fine Homeschool products on our TOS Crew Homepage.

**Growing Healthy Homes provided me with the free copy of Growing Healthy Homes-Nutrition 101: Choose Lift eBook in order to test and use it with my family, so I could write this review.