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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Virginia Soaps and Scents

I bet you are wondering what a soap review is doing on a "curriculum" review blog, and if you are not-pretend for a second, if you will. Actually this one is here not by mistake, nor because I jumped ship.  No, it is here because it is a lovely little diversion from the usual academic reviews we normally receive, whilst on the TOS Crewze ship.  After all, it cannot always be chatter about curricula, and products with which to  educate the children.  At some point we need  a break from the routine [still holding out for Chocolate vendors] and thankfully, this one made its way into our line-up. The Virginia Soaps and Scents company is  very familiar with the homeschool world, as they too educate their brood ( I am not sure if their chickens attend or not-but I am referring to their children here] at home. In fact, this company sprang from a project that snowballed into a cottage industry for them!  I love when things like that happen.  It starts innocently enough, and poof!  One is knee-deep in soap suds and soap molds, label making and product design.  It is what American is known for, and so I present to you the product descriptions of what we received for review. 

I am sure that most of my readers have watched those TV shows (say Little House on the Prairie) that depict early American life-the settler years. Well, I instantly thought of those, when I heard we'd be receiving something called a Shampoo Bar. I was picturing those pioneers rubbing their hair with a brick-looking bar made from lard; and perhaps some drops of glycerin and an oily scent thrown in for good measure. How could that be good for the ole strands and  follicles? How would one withstand the critters that would eventually come sniffing around, as the effervescent scent of rendered pig swirled about their heads? Well, have no fear, the critters will leave you be. These are made out of an olive and coconut oil blend, mixed with caster oil (now don't liquefy and drink this puppy-or you are sure to have squeaky clean intestines to match that shiny head of hair) jazzed up with 4 varieties of scents to choose from. The one we had (sampler size) was the Ginger Lime-but I could barely smell a scent from it. These come in a 5.5 oz sized bar-which is pretty darn big. That compares to a 24-30 oz bottle of the liquid shampoo one finds cluttering up the health and beauty isles of the grocery store. I am especially interested in the one made with Tangerine Grapefruit for my daughter, whose hair tends to be oily. For me personally, it didn't work. It made my fine, recently highlighted hair feel like the straw from the innards of a scarecrow, and somewhat "heavy" feeling as the day went along. I have very particular hairs, so this is a frequent occurrence with many commercial hair care products, as well. But for my other family members (with thickly haired noggins)-it worked beautifully. My son thought it was a hoot to rub the bar on his head. It lathered nicely for him whilst making his hair all shiny, smooth and clean. Most of my family members have that luscious thick hair, folks like me can only dream of-so perhaps this is just a better fit for that type. Like I mentioned above, I already have the Shampoo Bar on the list for my daughter, and I am sure my son will want his own too! So yes, this is a product I can recommend.

If you are going to have clean hair, you best have a squeaky clean body to match. So lathering up with one of their handmade soaps,  was a delightful way to round out the experience. We received three different soaps to try out. Out of the Fresh Orange, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey and the Coconut Lemongrass-the last one was by far-both my husband's and my favorite. My daughter swiped the Oatmeal one for herself, and reports that (like all of the soaps) it left her skin nice and smooth, and not itchy at all. As for the Fresh Orange bar, it was OK, but not necessarily one I would buy. Actually, I have their Victorian Rose and Violets and Lace on my "must get" list. I tend to like smelling of a slight scent of garden flowers (kind of like the Victorian ladies of yesteryear), and so this is a great way to do that-without throwing my allergies into hyper drive. My hubby is curious about their more manly-man scents-so I believe we can add that to our list too. Since they offer a multi-bar discount, we'll actually save by buying more. What is so nice about these particular soaps, is that they are made with natural ingredients that are not harsh (at least to our skin-and we have a lot of sensitive-skinned members in our family) and come in a large selection (including a line of fragrance free) of Scent-a-liscious choices. I felt like I was at a spa or something with these fanciful soaps. It was a lovely product to review-and we certainly can and do recommend these as well.

Last but not least, included in our goody box was a little sampler of their Laundry Soap Kit. I have been wanting to make my own-but alas-never quite got to that on my "To Do" list. So this sort of forced my hand. Before you ask-no, we didn't need to drag out a big old black kettle and stoke a roaring fire out back somewhere, in order to create this. In fact, I chronicled this endeavor to highlight how simple it is.  I have used up about 1/2 of the mixture so far, and it seems to be cleaning our clothes nicely.  I am not seeing any dinginess or inability to get them clean.  Because it is October, asking the boy to go out and dirty himself is not in the equation-so I really cannot do a super dirty outfit test.  But from the socks, and food spills that have decorated our shirts; it seems to be compatible with the commercial stuff-and all without the chemicals that plague those brands.  I haven't quite decided yet if I am a "make your own" laundry soap laundress, but if I do decided to go that route-I know where to go to get the soap.  The Sampler packet is $4.95; and the cleaning bar $3.95 (you will need to supply your own washing soda and Borax powder to pull it all together). All in all these products are wonderful good, and we were very pleased to be able to try them out!

after all-how can a soap be religious? (see the comment below-I guess it can be! WOW, this one is taking on a life of its own!  Read what the makers of the Virginia Soaps and Scents is up to [in the comments section] regrading this very question-what an awesome way to be a testimony to the healing and "cleansing" power of GOD)

as you will need to handle the stove steps to avoid sudsy disasters or serious burns.

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Virginia Soaps and Scents Homepage

The regular sized soap comes in a nice 4.5 oz bar size and sells for $4.50 each. The samplers (1.75 oz bars) are perfect because they give you a great opportunity to test the Virginia Soaps and Scents out first. You can select the Bed and Breakfast Sampler for $18 (and hey-why not give a few away as gifts?) or the
Virginia Sampler or the Trio Gift Crates.

The Laundry Soap bar comes in either a 9 oz or 2 of the 4.5 oz bars.

Shampoo bar comes in a 5.5 oz bar. $5.50 each or 2 for $10.

They have multi-purchase discounts for the bath soaps:  3 bars for $12, buy 4 bars get  the 5th free or 10 bars for $35.

Be sure to check out what my fellow TOS Mates have to say about this and many other fine homeschool products, at our TOS Crew Review Homepage.

**Virginia Soaps and Scents provided me with a free Sampler Pack containing 3 small bars of soap, one Laundry Kit and one small Shampoo Bar, in order to test and use this with my family-so that I could write the review.