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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Tapestry of Grace Year 1, Unit 1 Lapbook and The Map of the Humanities download


As mentioned in the main post, Tapestry of Grace is designed to follow the Classical Education method, but in a Unit Study style. As a part of the basic curriculum, they offer many additional choices to complement the program. Out of the choices offered (Literature Anthology, Map Aids, Evaluations, Lapbooks, Pop Quiz, and Government), we decided to review one of our favorite activities (Lapbooking) by selecting that program.

TOG offers lapbooks for the Lower to Upper Grammar (but I suppose a lapbook-loving kid in the Dialect stage would enjoy it too) level students, to complete alongside the core program studies. Each year has 4 lapbooks available (you choose with one you are currently studying) or you can just buy the whole year. If you are not aware of what a lapbook is; basically it is a homemade book designed to take key components from a book or study, and condense the information into categories (which are placed into some type of mini-booklet, such as a matchbook fold, or flip-book) to refer to whenever the desire strikes. Because Lapbooks are naturally very hands-on projects, the necessary work it takes to build it, and research the subjects in order to fill in the various booklets-cementing the learned information into the child's memory-in a non-stressful, and fun manner.

We chose the Year 1, Unit 1 lapbook, which covers Creation to the Egyptians and on to the end of the Moses era. Most of the booklets highlight many familiar aspects of the Egyptian culture and Moses' life. I have our lapbook posted on my Scrap and Lapbooks Blog, so please visit to see what it looks like. I am impressed with the overall content, and appearance of it. I was relieved that it followed along the topics of study in which the actual mini-books were varied, and so were the various folds. The directions were easy to follow, and the booklets quick to assemble. The information you put inside of them is rather easy to figure out, but usually there was no additional pictures (for non, or reluctant writers) or material to place inside the mini-books. I ended up drawing many of the subjects (like the landforms) or found free pictures from the Internet to place inside (like for the 7 days of creation), or used stickers (Noah's Ark) but am still looking for some to use with the Flora/Fauna section. I am not really sure what is suppose to go in the tiny triangle for the Pyramids. Maybe I will find some clip are of the famous Giza 3. Overall it is a nice lapbook and worth the money-especially if you have several children who want to do it.

As an added bonus, TOG now offers these intriguing maps designed to follow the flow of the Tapestry of Grace program. They are charming and fun. One could download them for free to post as a computer desk icon, or print to make a map. They now have a company who prints them in poster sizes for your convenience. I find them to be nicely done, but frankly would not spend money to buy them. I prefer to spend our limited funds on actual atlases or maps that have a wide range of use. But that is my preference, so if you are a major TOGer-then these babies may be rather appealing to you.

for copying and making the initial lapbook (and poss. helping the littles)

for most of the required work

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Map of the Humanities Free Download

Map of the Humanities Posters prices vary $14.95-$24.95

$20 per Unit or $75 for the entire Year
comes on CD which you then print from (Printer Alert here-but not overly crazy)
or buy pre-printed lapbook kits (makes one) for $15 each

Be sure to visit the TOS Crew Homepage because my crew mates chose different levels and supplemental material to review.

**tapestry of Grace provided me with the free copy of the Year 1, Unit 1 Lapbook Guide eBook , in order to test and use it with my family, so I could write this review.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Homeschool In The Woods New Testament Hands-On Activity Pak

If you have seen my other blog Scrap and Lapbooks, then you are aware of my love of lapbooking. I have come to really enjoy this unique way to reinforce the various subjects that I teach my children. It brings out my creativity, and is such a great visual aid to remind my students of all the essentials of what we just learned.

My quest to find sources for creating lapbooks has led me to many wonderful companies that sell lapbook unit study kits. My eyes zeroed in on one particular site by Amy Pak, called Homeschool in the Woods. She is certainly my kind of gal. She pays attention to details, and offers up very professional, high quality materials; which made me drool, as I poured over all the products that she had to offer. I was very, very pleased to receive her New Testament kit (all though she calls it the Hands On Activity Pak, it is truly a lapbook-thought I would clear that up so no one is confused) to review.

After downloading the study, I immediately started to print off the beginning sections. I was amazed at how nicely drawn and detailed the images were. I was also pleased to see a variety of different folds, mini-books, and other lapbook layouts used. After printing out the the beginning activities, I set to work with the coloring, assembly and lesson with the children. My son was tickeled to complete his very own Armor of God poster, and we are all impressed with the project's outcome. The best part is that as we read the verse Ephesians 6:10-17, he is able to place the armor on his soldier. This is not only a wonderful visual to help the child (and me actually) remember the verse and and where the armor goes; but it writes this powerful verse on his (and my) heart with very little effort.

As we worked through through the study, we refered to the only source we needed-the Bible. Combined with the information contained within the sub-sections of mini-booklets, we were able to learn quite a bit in regard to the life and times our Lord and Savior. The end product has turned out to be a very professional, and well-designed lapbook, which we will pull off the shelf over and over again.

The New Testament Hands On Activity Pak by Homescool in the Woods, covers many areas of Jesus' time here on earth such as: His Miracles, Lineage, Birth, Last Supper, Death, His Parables, His Disciples, the Prophesies that were fulfilled by Him, the Fruit of the Spirit, and the Beatitudes. It also addresses Paul's Missions and the letters he wrote to the new churches. This is a very big project which provides a thorough introduction concerning Jesus, and his Disciples.

I am excited to see that Amy also has the Old Testament Hands On Activity Pak available, as it is now on my list to buy this spring. I have decided to continue purchasing/using her products (she has created some great history units called, Time Travelers History Studies); as they are the very style, and quality I look for when selecting our curriculum. This is definitely one company I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn Biblical and historical events through this unique learning process.


Some final notes to help you out. I wanted to post a printer alert, so that you understand what this project involves. Since this is a download (or you can purchase the CD version) you will need to print out the materials, as there is no way around this. It is a HUGE file! It is going to take a lot of black ink and paper. I highly recommend that you run off the first section, complete it, and then continue on with the next and so on. I also recommend that you preview each page to see which ones will need cardstock, and which ones you can use the regular paper for. I also suggest having a few different color choices for your paper to keep it visually appealing (as it shouldn't all be white-but anything they color-print it on white for the best results) so that your final outcome will be stunning. Of course, scissors, excellent glue, color pencils (best for this application), brads, a file folder (they used red, I had blue-use what you have, and a few extra color cardstock sheets), some packing tape and your Bible should get you through to completion on this project.

Now for the fun part-I will have the uploaded project on my Scrap and Lapbooks Blog so you can see just how awesome this is. The only suggestion I have to all of you is in regards to one page's layout. Instead of placing the Fruit of the Spirit basket on the lower part of the page with the Lineage and the mailbox at the top(as suggested)-switch it around. Place them so the mailbox is at the bottom, and the Lineage/Fruit basket are at the top-as this will make it not only more visually appealing, but more user friendly. By putting the mailbox on the bottom, you are able to open/close the door and pull out the postcards with ease. The fruit pieces are not all jumbled into the mailbox, and are much easier to "play" with when placed at the top. Be sure to check my Scrap and Lapbook blog for the slide show-but here is a picture of the page (red one in middle), so that you can see what I am refering to.

This is just too good to not partake in, and they will need help assembling this lapbook (not to mention help with getting printed)

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Homeschool In The Woods Homepage
Homeschool In The Woods NT page
$18.95 for digital download, or $19.95 for a CD
Be sure to stroll through her site in order to read up on all of her awesome products!

Some of her items are available at the TOS Store, but at this time the NT lapbook is only available on her site.

Don't forget to head over to the Crew Homepage to read more reviews on this and many other fine products.

**Homeschool in the Woods provided me with the free copy of The New Testament Hands On Activity Pack Lapbook eBook in order to test and use it with my family, so I could write this review.