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Monday, September 28, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Nature Friend Magazine

When I was knee high to a grasshopper, I remember the thrill of receiving those Highlight magazines that were all the rage back (seems they are still around too) in the 70s. I particularly enjoyed being the first one (and I had stiff competition with 3 brothers) to doodle up the drawing area, and circle all the hidden pictures I could find on the search pages. So when I opened the Nature Friend Magazines I received to review-my mind instantly floated back to those carefree days; as several pages from the magazines parallel each other by sharing the same child enticing ideas. But I believe that is where the similarities end (well outside of them both being magazines which are written for children), and the beauty of the Nature Friend Magazine reigns supreme.

This is the creme de la creme of magazines about all things natural.  Each volume is laced with beautiful photography, stylish and eye-catching layouts, information and facts that pique ones interest to continue a study on the featured subjects. I am especially excited to see sections that give great photography tips and helpful advise to improve any budding photographer's skills.  I like how there are activities right in the magazine to draw a child into the content, which ultimately helps ignite the wonder and awe about God's creation.  I love the fact that this magazine is unabashedly Christian. No skipping over, or having to to explain the Evolutionary statements you will find in many other magazines.

When I started on our homeschool journey-I was blessed to find the Charlotte Mason method, and even more pleased that it suited us rather nicely. Not that I incorporate all the ideas; but one aspect I really love is the study of nature. Nature Friend Magazine lends itself nicely as a resource to motivate and encourage my children in our exploration of the very things the Creator places about us that point to His supremacy and existence. And in accordance to Charlotte's thoughts on living books-this one certainly qualifies. OK, it isn't a book, but it still meets the guidelines to make it a "living" document.

Nature Friend

The Study Guide [this has an additional charge and is NOT included unless you choose to receive this option] is a fantastic addition that offers even more information and activities which complement the subjects covered in the issue. If you take your nature study seriously, and need an additional boost of help-this is great option. I am actually putting this on our Christmas list this year.  I am sure my nature loving dad will bless the kids with a subscription to this high quality magazine (and you better believe I am including the study guide-it is just too valuable a component to miss out on).


as the younger children will need someone to read to them and help with some of the activities.

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Nature Friend Magazine Homepage

$36.00 for 1 year subscription
$68.00 for 2 year subscription

Study Guide Information
$24.00 additional fee to reg. subscription for 12 issues-
but depending on how many remaining issues you have left in your subscription, you can change the data to reflect the needed guides (ex: have 5 issues left in sub, then only purchase 5 study guides)...

Sample Issue $5.00

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**Nature Friend Magazine provided me with the 2 free copies of The Nature Friend Magazines [Sept. and Oct. issues] in order to test and use it with my family, so I could write this review.