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Saturday, January 3, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Heads Up Now!

I had never heard of the Heads Up! company; so to not only have something useful sent to me-but to be introduced to a whole new cachet of goodies aimed at helping children who need extra help, was a real treat. I have had my share of tears and frustration along this long and windy road of homeschooling. I have been blessed with a couple dyslexic children who required a much longer time frame to learn certain things, and if I had known about Heads Up!, I would have been able to move them through some of it a bit easier with the line readers, as they had trouble staying on the same line while learning to read and when reading small print. I am finding too that I enjoy using them as they help ease eye strain, especially with all the reading I do.

The Top of the Line and the Double Time Frames

If you have a child who struggles with staying focused, or deals with the 'ole wandering eyes problem, then these items are really going to help-at least in my humble opinion! The line readers are a wonderful tool and so darn cheap-I want to give them 3 piggy banks! Even if this isn't an issue in your home-perhaps something else is. The Frames (Lg and Sm), the Top of the Line , Double Time and Reader products will work wonders to help the student stay on the right line while reading; or to isolate and bring the focus to the area on the page they need to be at-say with a math problem.


We went through our packets (they sent us one of each color) and found a variety of choices-red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange and white which is available as a Reader only. We then had everyone test to see which color was most soothing to them. We found that we all prefer the blue and pink, and the clear Reader. Now you will have choose your choice when ordering, but for a buck each-you cannot go wrong by ordering a couple (I highly recommend one each) colors in the different sizes . These are sturdy pieces of "transparent colored polycarbonate with a frame printed on" (them), so they should hold up for a long time.

Frames which come in two sizes-4"x4 1/2" and 4"x9"

The Heads Up! company is designed to provide materials that work for those individuals who have ADD/ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, developmental delays, learning disabilities and in our case, Dyslexia. They sell all sorts of books written for families struggling with such things as sensory, speech, fidgeting and attention issues. You really need to get yourself a catalog and stroll through it at your own leisure-as there are some pretty helpful things available.

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Heads Up! Homepage
each frame/reader is $2-$5 each (you choose the color), depending on the size

All right-you are probably asking yourself, just how does one choose a color if you "don't know"? I should think you could find some of the clear colored-transparent plastic things laying about your home, and lay it over a printed page. Or very stealthily perform a "test run" at your local store....simply act natural as you enter the school supply section to locate those report covers they sell...then causally overlay the various colors over a printed page (say by borrowing one of the workbooks or books from the next isle) and see which color seems more appealing. Then carefully return the products to their proper place and continue on with your business. Or you could just make an educated guess...and if I was a betting gal, I would say the blue is the best choice, yellow and pink and green the next best. If all else fails-then find a TOS Reviewer who happens to live in your neck of the woods, and "stop by" for a color choice party. Finally, if you live in the vicinity of the Cincinnati area-attend the Mid-Winter Convention, as Melinda and Scott Boring are speakers there and have a vendors booth just loaded with with them for ya!

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**Heads Up! provided me with a variety of free Top of the Line, Double Time, and Reader Products [guides for reading one line of print at a time], in order to test and use it with my family, so I could write this review.