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Saturday, October 3, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Bonnie Terry Learning-10 Minutes to Better Study Skills

With a teenager in the home, you can bet we have plenty of material that is in depth, and in need of being broken down into more manageable study notes. But that is where the problem arises-how do you teach a child to pull out the necessary information, whilst foregoing the rest? It isn't quite as easy as one would think-especially if your child simply isn't naturally gifted in such things. Studying to remember is a talent! I think that may be something folks don't even realize. One can stare at the pages for hours, hoping the material will transfer itself into their brain cells through osmosis; while others spend so much time pouring through way too much information, that they miss the important parts or it becomes hopelessly lost amongst gray matter-to ever be of much use.

So when the 10 Minutes to Better Study Skills arrived, my interest was peaked. Could my child truly learn the "tricks of the trade" in ten minutes a day? Or was this some sort of "snake oil" being peddled to the education community? Thankfully, what we have here is the genuine article.  And this requires just a wee bit of time, oh say 10 minutes (as the name suggests), going through the worksheet-so that through frequent use, it simply becomes a natural skill.   This book is jammed packed with various helps for many different studying needs. It not only has a great introduction section with a Weekly Planning Calendar (which is coming in handy for configuring my daughter's biology reading schedule), but there are sections on Story Organizers, Book Reports, the Story Star, Note Taking (text books-this has been the most used around here so far), Cause and Effect, the 5 'W' Organizer forms (Who, What, Where, When and Why-this is the sort of questions a mom will ask their children, when they find something broken in the home or see that the last cookie has mysteriously disappeared. Come to think of it-I may have to print and laminate one to pull out on said such occasions!), Compare and Contrast forms, a Hamburger Paragraph chart (now this one was new to me-never thought one could create a hamburger from a paragraph but you can, because you isolate the topic sentence, the details and the conclusion-very cute), a Hamburger Essay chart (same concept as the previously noted burger form), 5 Paragraph Essay and Research Paper Writer (most helpful when your child simply cannot figure out where to start when penning their essay), Formal Outline form and a Letter Writing form too.  There are also extra goodies stuffed in here too-such as the Study and Writing Tips section and a Reference section with all those most helpful charts we all can use from time to time (like the Parts of Speech, Capitalization and Punctuation Rules and so on).  Quite impressive-and to make it easier to figure out what should on the forms, there is a page with overlaid notes to assist you with ideas and suggestions for those particular areas on the forms.

The nice thing about the 10 Minutes to Better Study Skills, is that they (the student) are not expected to spend more than the prescribed time on these forms-which is especially nice because this ties into the Charlotte Mason method we favor around here.  This is a reproducible book, so I can make as many copies of the forms, as I need, throughout each of my children's school careers.  When I notice that my child's skills are weaker in one area, then I can easily focus on just that-as this is not a 7 course meal approach, but rather a buffet of options.  My daughter is working through a mighty big history text, and those Note Taking forms have been rather helpful for her to isolate the main points so she can better study for her tests.  The Story Star is perfect for my 8 year old.  It doesn't require too much of him, so I can easily introduce the boy to the skill of picking out the main idea and a few details from a story- and not overwhelm him.  All in all-we're quite pleased with the Bonnie Terry 10 Minutes to Better Study Skills!

Obviously the instructor will need to give some assistance and direction-but for the most part it is a child-led activity

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Bonnie Terry Learning Homepage
I am thinking this particular book is most helpful for the upper elementary through high school (more toward Jr./Sr. high) but there are a few forms that can be used for the lower elementary-middle elementary age. I am not one to push these skills at that age-but that is a personal choice. So you will have to decided for yourself if this will meet your elementary aged student(s) needs.

10 Minutes to Better Study Skills
$37 (spiral bound book-which makes it very easy to copy the forms)

Bonnie has many other fine products available and I see she even has a section discussing Dyslexia-which is close to my heart because 3 of my 4 deal with mild issues with it.
To learn more about Bonnie (the author) visit her Bio page.

Please note: " As with all Bonnie Terry Learning Products, the Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills™ comes with a 60 Day Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee." So there is no risk in trying it.

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**Bonnie Terry provided me with the free copy of 10 Minutes to Better Study Skills book in order to test and use it with my family, so I could write this review.