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Friday, May 27, 2011

Well my last post is up now and I am officially retired from the TOS crew

It has been a privilege to serve on the crew since it's maiden voyage (2008) up to the end of May 2011.  I have met some totally awesome folks that I consider to be some of my bestest buds; and I have sampled and tested out several amazing homeschool products too.  It was rather bittersweet to pen that last of my reviews and I have to say I shed a tear or two as well.

Before ya all think I am gone for good-oh no way...I will be doing reviews here and there and will be posting them on my main blog if they are not TOS related, here if they are.  I have been asked to review the TOS planner for Special Needs and will be getting that done by mid-summer. I am excited to see just what the planner has to offer-especially since I will be needing it down the road.

If you do not follow my main blog-then you may not be aware of this new season in our lives.  We are feeling led to adopt [Internationally] a special needs child (Down Syndrome) and will be going through Reece's Rainbow to do so. I am very excited about having a new addition come into our family and will be blogging about our story as it unfolds.

I just wanted to thank all of my faithful and new-to-my blog readers. I hope you have found my reviews to be useful in helping you make well-informed decisions, regarding curriculum selections for your family.  I have one more post to do regarding the top products our family enjoyed reviewing, and should have that up soon.  To all the vendors who participated in this wonderful project-Thank You!  We have been blessed by your generosity and we pray the Lord will continue to bless and strengthen your businesses.

Thanks for tagging along on this journey with me~ and don't forget...TOS is continuing the program-they have some great new vendors lined up for the coming year.  Be sure to visit the website for many more reviews.