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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nothing to do with reviews-but so much more important

If you don't follow our regular homeschool blog, Homeschooling on a Wing and a Prayer, then you most likely missed this little sitzie that has come upon us. We have recently felt the leading of the Lord to adopt.  But not just  any child-but a child with special needs-one through Reece's Rainbow.  We actually had a precious one in mind-because the Lord pierced our hearts with him-but well...I will let you read the post, Waiting for Answers, to glean the basics.

Now as we wait-I intend to not sit idly by-but to become a prayer warrior (waiting to see who we are assigned) and work on saving some money to help us adopt down the road. So what is my goal for this post?  It is to raise awareness about something so needed-and you my dear readers can help! Visit Reece's Rainbow  to learn more and find a darling you can help, and visit my blog for updates on our Give Away Package Fund Raisers coming soon!

Please watch this video by Eric Ludy too.  All you need to do is insert your child's name and face onto that orphan, and you will be moved.  What if you bore a child in a country that regarded it as nothing more than a shame and useless creature-if you had basically no option but to place your precious child into a baby house to wait, and wait for their forever family, or sadly, for some (could it have been your child?) to never be adopted-but rather placed in a mental institution with little human contact, rotting away in a crib/bed to await the ultimate price-death?  Would you not want someone to consider them, anyone with the capacity to see they are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator, and deserve to be loved? To have someone come and remove your child out of that hellhole and into their family, to be loved and cherished and provided for?  I would.  Many of those parents do not have the option to raise their child, or they follow what they are taught by their society-that a child who is different, is worthless.  God help those babies-God help them!

You can make a difference-just by sharing their story and other adoptive families too!  

Thank you for reading this and sharing it!